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Mernes Shipping - from United States into the Mediterrannean and Black Sea

Mernes Shipping - from United States into the Mediterrannean and Black Sea
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Mernes Shipping & Railway Logistics - shipment of various food aid project cargoes from United States into the Mediterrannean and Black Sea ports.
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Mernes has been established in 1995 in Istanbul by Turkish entrepreneurs with 15 years experience in business. The company is registered at the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Chamber of Shipping of Istanbul and Association of Ship Agents, holding a full licence to act as ship agents and overland carriers.

Mernes has realized shipment of various food aid project cargoes from United States into the Mediterrannean and Black Sea ports and further inland transportation to various destinations in the C.I.S countries through Georgia and Russia. As part of this activity we have worked with United States government food aid programs from U.S. Gulf ports into C.I.S countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Moldovia organized by Care, Save the Children Foundation, Chamah and Government of Armenia.

In 1997, container department has started to work as freight forwarders for their client base in Turkey for their cargoes to/from North America, Europe, Far East ,Russia and Kazakhistan. The same year Komodor has also started carrying local potatoes of FritoLay Turkey and developed insulated box transportation with 7 m. Trucks. Mernes has also started carrying out all phases of combined transportation of containers by also doing local trucking as well as rail transportation within the Russian Federation and Central Asian Republics. During this year Mernes also started handling major citrus exporters cargoes from Turkey into Russia by giving port supervision and rail/truck transportation services via Novorossisysk Port into various inland destinations within Russia.

In 1998, Mernes has extended their services to international trucking of Turkish exports starting with Frito Lay exports into Russia and Northern Europe.

In 1999, Mernes, through direct agreements has started bringing Russian /Ukranian railcars to Turkish- Bulgarian border of Kapikule and load them for direct shipment into final destinations in Russia and Kazakhstan via Bulgaria , ferryboat to Ukraina and then directly to final destinations. This has brought considerable cost advantage to our clients in their transportation costs as well as better tracking of their cargoes as we are providing daily position reports of the railcars until their arrival to the final destination. Mernes considers themselves experts in transportation in the C.I.S.

In 2000, Mernes started rail transportation service to various European destinations from Turkey.

Mernes is forwarder of reputable companies such as Fritolay Turkey, Procter & Gamble Turkey, Colgate Turkey, Group/Gap

Mernes also serves as chartering brokers for multimodal cargoes and give agency service to vessels at all Marmara Sea ports.

Mernes is a forwarding company with no own assets who strives from the service quality and innovative approach to transportation needs of

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